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Volume 1 (1988)

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Editorial. Hans Möller. Page 1

My Dear Eve... The Letters of Ernest Rutherford to Arthur Eve, 1907 - 1908. Montague Cohen. Page 3

A History and Description of the Burney Project. Lars Troide. Page 38

The Peter Redpath Museum, an Architectural analysis. Rhodri W. Liscombe. Page 50

Sources for Tudor and Stuart History: The William Clarke Papers. A.J. Hobbins. Page 59

Les documents et artefacts Molson à l'université McGill. Alfred Dubuc. Page 69

Sources of Civil Law: The Wainwright Collection. M.L. Renshawe and J.E.C. Brierley. Page 77

Moses Maimonides: His Works and the McGill Collection. Goldie Sigal. Page 84

Scholar Librarians: Gould, Lomer and Pennington. Peter F. McNally. Page 95

British Parliamentary Papers As Sources For Modern Language Teaching Research. Susan Bayley. Page 105

A Remnant of Gislenian Anthology. Leszek Wysocki and Richard Virr. Page 118

Chronicle. Hans Möller. Page 131

Contributors. Page 135

Peter felt his economics course coming magically to life.
Winter laid determined seige to the land... The transportation companies advertized special excursion trains up north.
The Arts Building, refurbished a number of times, was the original building of the University.
This was the proper setting for football heroics. Football field, Molson Stadium, Royal Victoria Hospital and Mount Royal.