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Fontanus Volume 11 cover

Founded in 1988, Fontanus, From the Collections of McGill University Library, was conceived as an annual scholarly journal edited and produced by McGill Librarians. The primary purpose of Fontanus is to showcase the University Library's extensive rare and special collections through in-depth scholarly articles which interpret or showcase particular collections. Like McGill's collections, the subject range of the individual articles run the full spectrum from from Science, Medicine, Law and the Humanities and Social Sciences. A long standing feature of the journal includes a Notes and Collections update section which provides users with information on new and noteworthy collections acquired by the Library. Each issue is produced in an attractive large format and is richly illustrated.

The first nine issues of Fontanus were edited by Dr. Hans Moller (1988-1997). After retiring from the position, Dr. Moller was replaced by Dr. Montague Cohen (1998-2001) who edited the tenth issue of Fontanus which appeared in 1998. However, Dr. Cohen died in 2002, at which time Volume XI was in preparation. The issue appeared in 2003 under the editorship of Mr. John Hobbins, Law Librarian. Volume XII (2010) was co-edited by Mr. John Hobbins, Prof. Peter McNally, Dr. Robert Michel, and Mr. Lonnie Weatherby." The full texts of the journal are now available online at this site.

Fanny Burney, 1782, from a painting by her cousin, Edward F. Burney.
The Peter Redpath Museum, McGill University.
Mme. John Molson (1824-1899).
Title page of Dux seu Director dubitatium aut perplexorum, Paris, J. Badius Ascensius, 1520.