Guidelines for Authors

Rare Books and Special Collections Division | McGill University Libraries

Fontanus is an annual publication devoted to scholarly research based principally upon McGill University collections. The term "collections" is interpreted in the broadest sense, to include books, archives, specimens, artifacts, buildings and other form of documentary evidence. Contributions derived from all aspects of McGill collections will be considered. Submission may be submitted in English or French. Submission of a contribution is understood to imply that no paper containing essentially the same material has been published previously and that the manuscript is not under editorial consideration elsewhere. All submissions will be reviewed by members of the Editorial Board and refereed by experts in the appropriate field. Any substantial changes will be cleared with the author before publication. Send submissions, prepared according to the instructions below, to:

c/o Director of Libraries
McLennan Library Building
3459 McTavish Street
Montreal, QC H3A 0C9

Form of Manuscript

All manuscripts must be submitted in electronic format, by email or on disk, using PC-based word processing software. Notes should be numbered consecutively and follow the text of the article. The name of the author(s) should appear after the title and before the text of the article. A short biographical note of no more than 200 words should be included. Degrees, current and previous positions and major publications should be noted.


A brief abstract (of no more than 200 words) of the content of the article should be prepared by the author.

Form of Citation

Manuscripts should conform to the standards outlined in The Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993). Translation of passages in other than French or English should be provided in the text.


Photocopies or electronic format of visual material (with brief captions) must be submitted by authors for initial evaluation. Once an article has been accepted, the author is responsible for supplying clear glossy photos or high resolution graphic files of the illustrations, and for securing the permission to publish copyright material if necessary.

Fontanus is usually published each calendar year. Articles submitted before December 15 are eligible for consideration for the following year's issue. Authors will have the opportunity to review their manuscripts after editing has been completed.

Old McGill.
The Need for Dormitories at McGill. Montreal, McGill Centenial Endowment 1920.
Stephen Leacock. A pen and ink sketch by John Lewis, 1936.
The Wellington-Winchilsea Duel. Drawing by W. Heath, published by Thomas McLean, 1829.