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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
1996Asen, AbrahamHenekh Arden Full Record
1997Asen, AbrahamIrlandishe folks-maysehlakh Full Record
2000Asen, AbrahamFinf un tsvantsig lider Full Record
40Ashendorf, IsraelGrisn in der vayt : lider Full Record
41Ashendorf, IsraelMontik inderfri : lider Full Record
42Ashendorf, IsraelShutfim fun goyrl : dertseylungen Full Record
43Ashendorf, IsraelVey un vander : lider Full Record
44Auerbach, EphraimKaravanen Full Record
45Auerbach, EphraimLoyter iz der alter kval Full Record
46Auerbach, EphraimDer royter fodim Full Record
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