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1848Koslowsky, NotaYung Shikago : a zamlung Full Record
1953Koslowsky, NotaMayn a[lef] b[eys] Full Record
2153Koslowsky, NotaFelshtin : zamlbukh, tsum ondenk fun di Felshtiner kedoyshim Full Record
2182Koslowsky, NotaByalistoker fraynt : spetsyele oysgabe tsum 35-yorikn yubileyum fun Byalistoker rayoner brentsh 88, Arbeter ring, 1905-1940 Full Record
2184Koslowsky, NotaFertsik yor Arbeter-ring : a geshikhte in bilder = Forty years Workmen's Circle: a history in pictures Full Record
See: Cutler, YoselKotler, Yosl.  
See: Kvatko, B.Kratka, B.  
66Kravtsov, G.Oysgeveylte verk Full Record
809Kravtsov, G.Himl un erd : roman Full Record
1073Kravtsov, G.Oysgeveylte verk Full Record
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