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See: Gross-Zimerman, MosheZimerman, Moshe Gross-  
1752Zinger, Sh. D.Dikhter un proza'iker : eseyen vegn shrayber un bikher Full Record
1561Zingman, KalmanBay di breges fun Nyeman : a lider zamlung Full Record
1562Zingman, KalmanVen dos harts iz yung : lider Full Record
1775Zingman, KalmanKunst-ring almanakh Full Record
1831Zingman, KalmanDi yunge Yidishe poezye in Rusland : zamlung Full Record
1866Zingman, KalmanVispe : literarisher zamlbukh Full Record
1563Zisman, TaniaLider Full Record
202Zitron, Samuel LeibDray literarishe doyres : zikhroynes vegn Yidishe shriftshteler Full Record
See: Zychlinska, RajzelZshikhlinski, Reyzl.  
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