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See: Fell-Yellin, SarahYellin, Sarah Fell-  
1538Yerasalimsky, JesiaYidish lid : lider un poemen Full Record
2075Yeshivah Hatan SoferSefer Torah, Nevi'im u-Khetuvim Full Record
See: Jeshurin, Ephim H.Yeshurin, Yefim.  
1895Yiddish Art TheatreMoris Shvarts un der Idisher kunst teater Full Record
1916Yiddish Art TheatreZamlbukh tsum hanukes ha-bayes, Idishen kunst teater Full Record
1917Yiddish Art TheatreTeater-bukh lekoved der nayer heym fun Idishn kunst teater Full Record
818Yidisher literatn-un-zshurnalistn-klub in Erets YisroelBleter : tsum ondenk fun L. Malakh Full Record
1871Yidisher literatn-un-zshurnalistn-klub in Erets YisroelEyns : shrift far literatur un kunst Full Record
1872Yidisher literatn-un-zshurnalistn-klub in Erets YisroelTsvey : zamlheft far literatur un kritik Full Record
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