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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
267Eisland, ReubenDos gezang fun hirsh Full Record
1741Eisland, ReubenFun unzer friling : literarishe zikhroynes un portretn Full Record
646Elhanan Hendel ben Benjamin Wolf KirchhanSimhes ha-nefesh : Idishe lider mit notn Full Record
268Elias LevitaBovo-bukh Full Record
978Elias LevitaA tog in Regensburg un Eliyohu Boher Full Record
269Elis, BenjaminBay farshidene tishn : dertseylungen Full Record
2032Elishev`aHaruzim : shirim Full Record
2033Elishev`aKos ketanah : shirim Full Record
2034Elishev`aElisheva : zamlung fun artiklen vegn di dikhterin Elisheva Full Record
See: Elias LevitaEliyohu Bohur.  
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