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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
2026Schwartz, Israel JacobDer masmid Full Record
2053Schwartz, Israel JacobLider un idilyes Full Record
1895Schwartz, MauriceMoris Shvarts un der Idisher kunst teater Full Record
1909Schwartz, MauriceShvarts oyf vays Full Record
1917Schwartz, MauriceTeater-bukh lekoved der nayer heym fun Idishn kunst teater Full Record
1212Schwartz, ShloimeAmerik`e Full Record
1213Schwartz, ShloimeBloymantik Full Record
1845Schwartz, ShloimeAntologye, mitvest-mayrev Full Record
See: Schwartz, Israel JacobSchwartz, Yisroel-Yankev.  
1214Schwarzman, OsherAl`e lider Full Record
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