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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
1208Schwartz, ChaimDer groyser gerangl Full Record
1209Schwartz, Israel JacobGeklibene lider Full Record
1210Schwartz, Israel JacobKentoki Full Record
1211Schwartz, Israel JacobYunge yorn : poeme Full Record
2011Schwartz, Israel JacobErets-Yisroel, 1936 : a zamlung lider fun Hebreish Full Record
2012Schwartz, Israel JacobHebreishe poezye : antologye Full Record
2013Schwartz, Israel JacobUndzer lid fun Shpanye : di goldene Shpanish-Hebreishe tkufeh : Shloymeh Ibn-Gabirol, Moysheh Ibn-Ezra, Yehudeh Haleyvi Full Record
2016Schwartz, Israel JacobFun Rebi Yehudeh Haleyvi : lider Full Record
2021Schwartz, Israel JacobShriftn Full Record
2023Schwartz, Israel JacobLider un poemen Full Record
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