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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
1953Kaminsky, JacobMayn a[lef] b[eys] Full Record
14Kaplan, Mitchell M.Gheto-klangen Full Record
600Kaplan, Mitchell M.Gezamlte shriftn : lider, dertseylungen, eseyen Full Record
601Kaplan, YosefIn shvere minuten : lieder Full Record
602Kaplanowicz, DanShriften Full Record
604Kaplanowicz, DanEynzam`e mentshn : dertseylungen un humoreskes Full Record
491Kappel, AlexanderDer Lebediker : a zamlbukh lekoved zayn 50 yorikn yubiley Full Record
605Kappel, AlexanderErnst un shpas : a zamlung fun felyetonen, satiren un humoresken Full Record
606Kappel, AlexanderIn Varshe un in Lodzsh : mayne bagegenishn Full Record
1786Kappel, AlexanderDi Yudishe yugend : zamelbukh Full Record
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