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See: Grober, ChayeleGruber, Chayele.  
479Grubyan M.Gezang vegn mut Full Record
See: Turkow-Grudberg, IsaacGrudberg, Isaac Turkow-  
478Gruszko, LeonGeven a hoyz in Poyln : lider un poemen Full Record
480Guiser, Moisés DavidPoemen un baladen Full Record
481Guiser, Moisés DavidLider un poemen Full Record
482Guiser, Moisés DavidBay di fayern : lider un gezangen Full Record
483Guiser, Moisés DavidDos gezang fun a lebn Full Record
484Guiser, Moisés DavidLider un lender Full Record
485Gusakov, AbrahamDer emigrant : poema Full Record
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