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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
56Baron, Aaron LoebDi Idishe Brodvey : un andere lider Full Record
57Baron, Aaron LoebLiebe un benkshaft : a lieder zamlung Full Record
2098Barsukov, Mikhail NikolaevichDer held fun Besarabye, G.I. Kotovski Full Record
58Basin, MichaelGetseylte reges : lider un proz`e Full Record
2191Baskin, YoysefIn dinst fun der Yidisher gezelshaft Full Record
59Bassein, LeonIn roytn shayn Full Record
1795Bassin, MosheAmerikaner Yidishe poezye : antologye Full Record
1797Bassin, MosheAntologye finf hundert yohr Idishe poezye Full Record
1936Bastomski, SolomonYidishe folksretenishn Full Record
See: Shomer-Batshelis, RoseBatshelis, Rose Shomer-  
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