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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
821Mali, MalashaTsvey veltn Full Record
822Maltinski, HayyimOn a shotn : lider Full Record
823Maltz, SolDos gezang fun Iev Full Record
824Maltz, SolIn shotn fun hunger Full Record
825Maltz, SolLider fun broyt un zalts Full Record
826Manger, Itzik[Dertseylungen] Full Record
827Manger, ItzikNoente geshtaltn un andere shriftn Full Record
828Manger, ItzikDemerung in shpigl : lid un balad`e Full Record
829Manger, ItzikFelker zingen Full Record
830Manger, ItzikHotsmakh shpil : a Goldfaden-motiv in 3 aktn Full Record
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