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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
1099Lee, MalkaGezangen Full Record
1100Lee, MalkaKines fun undzer tsayt Full Record
See: Mani LeibLeib, Mani.  
1883Leibl, DanielErets-Yisroel-shriftn, 1937 : zamlbukh Full Record
745Leiserowitsch, Isidor LazarDi velfishe haseneh : balad`e Full Record
21Leivick, H.Lieder Full Record
120Leivick, H.Eybik blien vet der troym Full Record
746Leivick, H.Al'e verk fun H. Leyvik Full Record
747Leivick, H.Lieder fun H. Leyvik Full Record
748Leivick, H.Oysgeklibene shriftn : [lider] Full Record
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