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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
739Lapin, BerlUmetig`e vegen Full Record
1975Lapin, BerlRusishe lirik Full Record
743Lassman, V.Troymen un fantazyes Full Record
2158Latzki, WilhelmGezeyres Denikin Full Record
340Layder, BerBen Layder : poeme Full Record
1882League for Rights of Yiddish in PalestineYidish in Erets Yisroel : redes, faktn, dokumentn. Full Record
See: Der LebedikerLebediker, Der.  
See: Margolin, AnnaLebensboym, Roza.  
744Lederman, JoshuaMetalen`e kveytn Full Record
1097 1098Lee, Malka Full Record
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