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1999Poe, Edgar AllanThe raven= Di Rob Full Record
1748Pomerants, A.Di Sovetishe harugey-mawkhes : tsu zeyer 10tn yortsayt, eseyen, kritik, briv, biografyes, bilder Full Record
1054Pomerants, A.A meydl fun Minsk Full Record
See: Pomerantz-Honigman, PessiePomerantz, Bessie Hershfield-  
1843Pomerantz, Israel ChaimYoyvel-bukh tsu L.M. Shtayns finf un tsvantsik yorikn yubiley fun kultur- gezelshaftlekher tetitkayt Full Record
1054aPomerantz-Honigman, PessieGeklibene lider Full Record
1055Pomerantz-Honigman, PessieKareln Full Record
1056Pomerantz-Honigman, PessieReges fun genod : geklibene lider Full Record
1057Pomerantz-Honigman, PessieRoyter toy Full Record
2173aPosner, RaphaelHeym un velt Full Record
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