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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
1007Papyernikov, YosefOnvuks : lider Full Record
1008Papyernikov, YosefRoyt oyf shvarts : lider Full Record
1009Papyernikov, YosefUnter fayer : lider Full Record
1010Papyernikov, YosefUnter shvartse himlen Full Record
1708Papyernikov, YosefHeymishe un noente Full Record
1986Papyernikov, YosefGeklibene lider Full Record
1011Pasirstein, AbrahamNigunim ranglen zikh : lider Full Record
1746Pat, JacobShmuesn mit Yidishe shrayber Full Record
1747Pat, JacobShmuesn mit shrayber in Yisroel Full Record
1931Patt, AbrahamFreylikhkaytn : perl fun humor un satir`e, tshikav`e anekdotn, sharfe vitsn, shpasige retenishn Full Record
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