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997Papyernikov, YosefDi firuntsvantsikste shoh : lider Full Record
998Papyernikov, YosefFun ershtn shnit : 1918-1928, Varshe- Tel-Aviv Full Record
999Papyernikov, YosefFun roytn front Full Record
1000Papyernikov, YosefFun tsveytn Breyshes : lider un poemes Full Record
1001Papyernikov, YosefGeklibene lider fun heym, bunt, krig un hurbn Full Record
1002Papyernikov, YosefGoldene zamdn : [Palestiner lider] Full Record
1003Papyernikov, YosefIber hurves Full Record
1004Papyernikov, YosefIn zunikn land : Palestin`e lider Full Record
1005Papyernikov, YosefMayn brenendiker shtam Full Record
1006Papyernikov, YosefMit lender glaykh : Palestiner lider Full Record
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