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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
544Hofstein, DavidFreyd fun nayem zayn Full Record
545Hofstein, DavidFun al`e mayne veltn Full Record
546Hofstein, DavidOrkestra Full Record
547Hofstein, DavidRoyte blitn Full Record
548Hofstein, DavidValger-shteyner : ershte zamlung Full Record
1976Hofstein, DavidFun di Ukra'inishe Sovetishe dikhter Full Record
549Holder, YoysefOft zingt zikh : lider Full Record
1926Holdes, A.Mayses, vitsn un shpitslekh fun Hershel Ostropolyer Full Record
1927Holdes, A.Mayses, vitsn un shpitslekh fun Hershl Ostropolyer Full Record
1963HomerIlyas un Odiseya : oysderveylte ilustrirte der- tseylungen far kinder Full Record
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