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2167Hefterman, AbrahamAzoy lebn Yidn : rabonim, rabo'im un stam Yidn in Amerikaner Kasrilevke Full Record
See: Tussman, Malka HeifetzHeifetz Tussman, Malka.  
2003Heine, HeinrichDaytshland : a vinter-mayse Full Record
2004Heine, HeinrichRomantsero un gemishte lieder Full Record
511Heisler, KalmanKumarner parshoynen Full Record
512Heisler, KalmanMayne Kumarner nebekh Full Record
513Heisler, KalmanMentshn Full Record
514Heisler, KalmanOz yoshir Kalmen Hayzler Full Record
515Heller, BinemBaym rand : lider Full Record
516Heller, BinemDurkh shotn un shayn Full Record
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