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503Halpern, Moshe LeibMoysheh Leyb Halpern Full Record
504Halpern, Moshe LeibDi goldene pav`e Full Record
505Halpern, Moshe LeibIn Nyu-York Full Record
506Halpern, Moshe LeibM. L. Halpern : geboyrn 2tn Yanuar 1886. Geshtorbn 31tn Oygust 1932 Full Record
507Halpern, Moshe LeibMoysheh Leyb Halpern in ram fun zayn dor Full Record
508Halpern, Moshe LeibMoysheh Leyb Halpern Full Record
1839Halpern, Moshe LeibFun mensh tsu mensh : a zamelbukh far poezye Full Record
1841Halpern, Moshe LeibIst Brodvey : zamelbukh Full Record
1845Halpern, Moshe LeibAntologye, mitvest-mayrev Full Record
See: Hamer-Jacklyn, SarahHamer-Jacklin, Sarah.  
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