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See: Pomerantz-Honigbaum, PessieHonigbaum, Pessie Pomerantz-  
550HorodokerMit mayn pen in hant Full Record
551Horontchik, SimonGeklibene shriftn Full Record
552Horontchik, SimonFarplonterte vegn, oder, Tsvishn di hurves fun Yidishn lebn Full Record
553Horontchik, SimonFeldblimen Full Record
554Horowic, BerFun mayn heym in di berg Full Record
555Horowic, BerVunderlikhe mayses Full Record
1830Horowic, BerToyt tsiklus Full Record
556Horowitz, IsacMayn tatns kretshme Full Record
937Horowitz, IsacVegen Moysheh Nadir : kritishe polemik Full Record
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