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1677Der Yudisher almanakh. No. 1 (1908)-Full Record
1688Der yunger gayst. Num. 1 (1908)-Full Record
1682Di yugend. No. 1 (1907)-no. 3 (1908).Full Record
1622Yidishe shriftn. Vol. 1 (Nov. 1946)-Full Record
1886Yisroel shriftn. Vol. 1 (1955)-Full Record
2176Yor-bukh fun Yidishn yishev in Argentin`e. Vol. 1 (1945/1946)-Full Record
1623Yud Lamed Malamut's Yontev bleter. Vol. 1, no. 1 (Apr. 1943)-Full Record
1624Yudish. Bd. 1 (1910)-bd. 2 (1913?).Full Record
1681Yudishe zamelbikher. Vol. 1 (1918)-Full Record
1859Yugend klangen. No.1 (1909)-Full Record
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