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2166Lakhovski, A.Pompadur : paradoksn un shtimungen Full Record
454Landsman, R.Bay di kvaln : bilder fun Saratoga Springs, in ferzn, tsu zingen mit di melodye fun "Sha, sha, der Rebi geyt" Full Record
455Landsman, R.Reverend Naftoli : un andere humoresken un kalamburn Full Record
356Lapidus, Sh.Horizontn Full Record
1311Lapidus, Sh.Funken : lider Full Record
841Lapkovski, DavidShtern in shtoyb Full Record
715Lazavik, L.Plakatn Full Record
162Lebas, A.Moldove, mayn heym : lider un poemen Full Record
1594Leder, TseviOyfgang. Vol. 1 (1919)- Full Record
99Lehav-Shaltiel, OrahArabeskn Full Record
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