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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
815Machlin, SolomonShtralen Full Record
1997MacManus, SeumasIrlandishe folks-maysehlakh Full Record
2057Maimonides, MosesDer Rambam (Rebe Moysheh ben Maymon) : zayn leben, zayn shafen un zayn virken Full Record
2058Maimonides, MosesMaymonides : RebeMoysheh benMaymon, zayn lebn un shafn Full Record
816Malach, LeibAmol, amol : epik Full Record
817Malach, LeibDi toyte hupeh : balad`e Full Record
818Malach, LeibBleter : tsum ondenk fun L. Malakh Full Record
2096Malach, LeibFun Poyln biz Terkay : reportazshn Full Record
819Malamut, Joseph LoebGezamlte shriftn Full Record
820Malamut, Joseph Loeb14 lider : parodyes un iberzetsungen Full Record
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