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175Cahan, AbrahamDie neshomeh yeseyreh; un, Feni's hasanim Full Record
176Cahan, AbrahamAv. Kahan's 60 yohr in Amerike : spetsyele baylage tsum "Forverts", Zuntog, dem 7ten Yuni, 1942 Full Record
1823Cahan, AbrahamOnheyb : almanakh fun shrayber onfanger Full Record
2036Cahan, AbrahamYubileum-shrift tsu Ab. Kahan's 50sten geburtstog Full Record
2113Cahan, AbrahamPalestin`e : a bazukh in yohr 1925 un in 1929 Full Record
2203Cahan, Y. L.Yidishe folkslider mit melodyes Full Record
581Cahan, YaakovBeynashmoshes : lider in fraye ferzn Full Record
582Cahan, YaakovFun eygenem gortn Full Record
583Cahan, YaakovDer goyrl funem Yid : erev-hurbn-roman Full Record
584Cahan, YaakovIn flam fun dorn : poemes un lider Full Record
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