646   Elhanan Hendel ben Benjamin Wolf Kirchhan.
Simhes ha-nefesh : Idishe lider mit notn / fun Elhonon Kirkhhan ; mit a kultur-historishn araynfir fun Yankev Shatski.
Nyu York :  M. N. Mayzel, 1926
[94] p. : music.
"An exact facsimile reproduction of the first and only edition published in Firth, in ... 1727." Includes reproduction of original t.p. Limited ed. of 550 copies, of which 500 were for sale. Fishstein copy: no. 280.[McLennan copy: no. 489] "Di bibliografye fun Kirkhan's verk": p. 23-30. Includes unacc. melodies.
PJ5129 K524S5 1926
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