Di tsukunft = The zukunft. 1892-
New York :Aroysgegebn fun die Tsukunft pres federeyshen ,1892-

Publication suspended Sept. 1897-1901 ; Jan.-Sept. 1941. Issues for 1902-05 called v.1-4; 1906- called v.11- . Published 1912-40 by the Forward Association; 1941- by the Central Yiddish Culture Organization; Oct. 1960- by the Congress for Jewish Culture. Provenance of most of pre-1941 vols.: S. Krishtalka.
AP91 T78 v.4:no.1 (1905:Jan.)-v.4:no.12 (1905:Dec.), v.14:no.1 (1909:Jan.)-v.14:no.12 (1909:Dec.), v.19 (1914)-v.20 (1915), v. 39 (1934)-v.40 (1935), v.41:no.2 (1936:Mar.), v.41:no.11 (1936:Dec.), 1941-1952/1953. McLennan: v.48:no.8 (1943)-v.83:no.4 (1977:Apr.) [Incomplete]
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