The Exhibit:   ~ The Man ~
Portrait of Joe FishsteinMcGill receptionFishstein's home library catalogueLetter from Wolf Mercure.
Sefer KalarashKalarasher Besaraber progresiv asosieyshonJoe Fishstein's personal notebookGut morgen
Tribute by Dovid OpalovSampling of tributes from poetsFishstein's dust-jacketsFun mentsh tsu mentsh
BookmarksFishstein's name bookmark

Joe Fishstein (1891-1978) was a Bronx, New York, garment worker with a passion for Yiddish poetry. This section displays biographical material about Joe Fishstein. Among the items included are examples of his beautiful book jackets, a portrait by his great-grandson, Michael Rabinowitz, some of the countless bookmarks inserted into books throughout the collection, and copies of some tributes to him by Yiddish poets.