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Collage of theatre playbillsDe geshikhte fun Idishen theaterShabsiel80 yor Yidish teater in Rumenye
Teater bukh: zamlungTeater-bukh ...
Idishn kunst teater
Yiddish Art Theatre program of The DybbukLeben
Moris Shvarts
un der Idisher kunst teater
Hanukes habayes : Roland teaterGroup portrait, Grin'e felder (play)Program of premiere, Grin'e felder (film)
Album fun Idishn teaterFinf un tsvantsig yor Folks-bin'eTsen yor ArtefYiddish theatre personalities
Dos lid fun der yesoymehHabimahHabimah: Hebrew theatre in the Land of Israel

The Yiddish theatre was very popular among the American Yiddish-speaking populace, and Second Avenue in New York became a kind of "Yiddish Broadway".