The Exhibit:   ~ Israel ~
A dream of ZionBerg un visteYizker. FrontispieceOnheyb
fun Yisroel
By Yosef Papyernikov:
In zunikn land
Royt oyf shvartsMit lender glaykh
Di firuntsvantsikste
OnvuksUnter fayerIber hurves
Kh'bin keynmol
nisht avek
By Abraham Sutzkever:
In fayer-vognFun dray velten

The Land of Israel (Erets Yisroel) and Jerusalem, along with the Hebrew language, have played a central role in Jewish liturgy and scholarship, and in the Jewish psyche, for milennia. Many of the early 20th century Yiddish poets were productive in Hebrew as well. Fishstein's scrapbooks and albums contain memorabilia from Israel, and include many portraits of Hebrew writers. The notebook into which he transcribed some of the favourite poems of his youth includes Hebrew poems.

Prior to World War II, there was vigorous antagonism to Yiddish in Palestine, as the language was perceived to pose a threat to the rejuvenation of modern spoken Hebrew. In the wake of the Holocaust and after the establishment of the State, however, Israel became the generator of most of the Yiddish literary production of the world.