The Exhibit:   ~ Fathers ~
The Klasiker - the "Fathers" - of modern Yiddish literature.Plaque dedicated to the three Klasiker.Mendele Moykher SforimDos kelbl
Isaac Leib PeretzHa-UgavDie tehayere neshomehYudish
Perets's bletlikhTsum ondenk fun Y. L. PeretsSholem Aleichem as young manDer feter Pini mit der mume Reyzi
Dos tepil: monologAlbum tsum ondeynk fun Sholem-Aleykhem"Der yosem"Dos Sholem-Aleykhem bukh
Sholem-Aleykhem in bildMayn bruder Sholem-Aleykhem

This section features material relating to the Fathers of modern Yiddish literature - Mendele Moykher Sforim (1835-1917), Isaac Leib Peretz (1851/2-1915) and Sholem Aleichem (1859-1916). In Yiddish they are referred to as 'di Klasiker', whose creativity forged Yiddish into a modern literary language and ushered in the period known as 'the flowering of modern Yiddish literature'.