The Exhibit:   ~ Canada ~
Idishe dikhter in KanadeShir-ha-shirim / H. HirschFablen / H. HirschMilhomeh veyhen
Far a brenendiger zunBy J. I. Segal : Fun mayn veltBazunder lider Mayn shtub un mayn velt
By M. Ravitch: Der kern fun al'e mayne liderPrehistorishe landshaftnIn di lange vinternekhtDi lider fun mayne lider
Ikh kum aheym Toronto publications: In geranglNisht geshtoygn, nisht gefloygnIn vogl
AleynA likht far a groshnYidish un YidishkeytNoentkayt
Montreal periodicals. Nyuansn no.1(Jan.1921)Kanade no.1(July 1925)Royerd no.1(Feb. 1927)Montreol v.1 no.1(Dec.1932)
Heftn no.2(May/June 1936)Kanader zshurnalMontreoler heftn

Most Canadian literary activity has emanated from Montreal and Toronto. A dynamic Yiddish creative life existed in Montreal - and still does to some extent - fuelled by the immigration of scores of writers, including many poets, before and after World War II. In addition to a sampling of individual works by Montreal and Toronto poets, there are displayed a number of early Yiddish Canadian literary journals issued primarily in Montreal.