The Exhibit:   ~ Authors ~
The flowering of modern Yiddish literaturePortraits of Yiddish literary authors"Literary café";A. Mukdonyi, H.N. Bialik
A Fishstein scrapbookHebrew authors. Zalman Shneour: A matonehIm sheki'at ha-hamahUri Zvi Greenberg: Ergits oyf felder
Uri Zvi Greenberg: MefistoItzhak Katzenelson: Dos vayse lebenBin Goryon: Yudishe ksovim fun a vayten korev

This section includes a selection of portraits of some major Yiddish creative writers. Many of them are studio portraits taken by B. Lipschutz, of New York, and mounted into Fishstein's albums. It will be noted that most of the earlier writers were productive in Hebrew in addition to Yiddish, and sometimes in Russian and other languages as well.