THE EXHIBIT   ~ Theatre ~
14_08a Greenfields front cover.jpg Program of the world premiere of the film, Grin'e felder, October ll, l937.

Front cover.
14_08b Green fields p2-3.jpg
Program, p.2-3
14_08c Green fields p4-5.jpg
Program, p.4-5
14_08d Green fields p6-7.jpg
Program, p.6-7
14_08e Green fields 8-9.jpg
Program, p.8-9
14_08f Green fields p10-11.jpg
Program, p.10-11
14_08g Green fields p12-13.jpg
Program, p.12-13
14_08h Green fields p14-15.jpg
Program, p.14-15
14_08i Green fields back cover.jpg
Program, back cover