THE EXHIBIT   ~ The Man ~
01_11 Bookshelf centrepiece.jpg Examples of dust-jackets beautifully and lovingly designed by Joe Fishstein. From left to right:- Kidesh ha-Shem / ed. Sh. Niger (New York, 1948); Farlangt a mentsh / Noah Steinberg (New York, 1952); Baym Grend Kenyon / Zishe Weinper (New York, c1947); Lider un baladn / Mani Leib (New York, 1955); Antologye: di Idishe dikhtung in Amerika biz yohr 1919 / ed. Zisha Landau (New York, 1919); Vent hobn oyern/ Volf Mercur (New York, 1968); Lider un poemen, 1914-1940 / H. Leyvik (New York, 1940).

The photograph is by Jack Goldsmith, and appears on the front cover of A Garment Worker's Legacy: the Joe Fishstein Collection of Yiddish Poetry. In the words of Ruth R. Wisse: "Joe Fishstein had wanted his books to look as precious as they felt to him, so that their beauty should be palpable." (Preface, op. cit., p. xi) More examples of Fishstein's dust-jackets will be found throughout this exhibit.