THE EXHIBIT   ~ Special Imprints ~
11_04Aa Rekviem Real cover.jpg By David Einhorn:- The imprints of Einhorn's works reflect the migratory pattern of his life. He left Russia in 1912 after his arrest for revolutionary sympathies, and lived in Paris, Switzerland, Warsaw, Berlin and New York, maintaining ties with publishers in the various cities.

Rekviem (Requiem), by David Einhorn (Berlin: Rozntal un shutfim unter hashgokhe fun Y. Landman, l922) (26 x 16 cm.).
Graphics by Menachem Birnbaum.
Dedicated to the ten million people who perished in World War I.

Real cover.
11_04Ab Rekviem Real back cover.jpg
Real back cover
11_04Ac Rekviem tp.jpg
Title page
11_04Ad Rekviem verso.jpg
Title page verso