THE EXHIBIT   ~ Illustrators ~
15_12a Sihes cover.jpg Sihes hulin (Mundane talk), by Moses (Moysheh) Broderson; illustrated by El Lissitzky (Moscow: "Leben", 1917) (25 x 26 cm.)

One of the most valuable items in the Fishstein Collection.

15_12b Sihes hulin tp.jpg
Title page
15_12c Sihes hulin last page.jpg
Last page
15_12d Sihes hulin first page.jpg
First page
15_12e Sihes hulin tp verso.jpg
Title page verso
15_12f Sihes hulin penultimate page.jpg
Penultimate page
15_12g Sihes hulin Swann excerpt.jpg
Swann Catalogue excerpt