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Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Full Record
Abram John J. Bruce Carrick Belmore Tanner Waterloo Co., Canada GO

Ackley Timothy Bruce Arran Farmer GO

Adair Margaret Bruce Kincardine Kincardine Teacher in the Central or Model school Canada GO

Adams George Bruce Carrick GO

Adams Joseph Bruce Elderslie Chesley Proprietor of the Ontario House Grenville Co., Ontario, Canada GO

Adams Walter S. Bruce Carrick Farmer Oxford Co., Ontario, Canada GO

Adamson Thomas Bruce Brant Walkerton Brickmaker England GO

Ahrens John Bruce Brant Farmer Mecklenburg, Germany GO

Alexander Sanson Bruce Bruce Inverhuron Proprietor of a lime kiln London Tp., Ontario, Canada GO

Allen Edwin Bruce Brant Maple Hill Blacksmith; Former Merchant; Former Postmaster England GO

Allen James Bruce Amabel Farmer; Former Reeve of Amabel Tp.; Former Reeve of Holland Tp., Grey County Fermanagh Co., Ireland GO

Allen Joseph Bruce Greenock Farmer; Stock breeder England GO


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