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Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Full Record
Armstrong Charles Lanark Ramsay Farmer Fermanagh Co., Ireland GO

Baird Andrew Lanark Ramsay Farmer Lanark Tp.,Lanark Co., Canada GO

Banning Ozias Lanark Ramsay Clayton Postmaster of Clayton for 17 years L'Orginal, Ontario, Canada GO

Barker James Lanark Ramsay Farmer Ramsay Tp., Canada GO

Black James Lanark Ramsay Farmer; Deputy Reeve of Ramsay Tp. Glasgow, Scotland GO

Bond J.H. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Tinsmith Lanark Co., Canada GO

Bowland John Lanark Ramsay Farmer Wicklow Co., Ireland GO

Brill Benjamin Lanark Ramsay Almonte Baker Hull, Quebec, Canada GO

Campbell Duncan Lanark Ramsay Almonte Tailor Scotland GO

Cannon W.J. Lanark Ramsay GO

Cleland John W. Lanark Ramsay Clayton School Teacher Lanarkshire, Scotland GO

Cochran Andrew Lanark Ramsay Farmer; Stock Raiser Scotland GO


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