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Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Full Record
Gibson Isabella C. Grey Osprey Teacher Canada GO

Gibson James Grey Osprey Township Clerk; J.P. Forfarshire, Scotland GO

Hamlin William T.B. Grey Osprey Merchant Canada GO

Hartle John Grey Osprey Proprietor, hotel at Badjeros New York, United States GO

Heron Adoniram Grey Osprey Farmer Canada GO

Heron William Grey Osprey Proprietor, woollen mill Canada GO

Inkster John Grey Osprey Farmer; Ship carpenter Orkney Islands, Scotland GO

Long Wesley Grey Osprey Farmer; Carpenter; Postmaster, Maxwell Canada GO

Madill David Grey Osprey Farmer; Dealer, agricultural implements Ireland GO

Maxwell Joseph Grey Osprey Farmer; Tp. Assessor Ireland GO

McFarlane D.C. Grey Osprey McIntyre Postmaster, McIntyre Corners; General merchant Scotland GO

McLean Alexander Grey Osprey Boot and shoe maker Argyleshire, Scotland GO


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