The Champlain celebrations did not end in 1908. The following year Champlain's discovery of the lake that bears his name was the focus of celebration. Organized primarily by the states of New York and Vermont, the 1909 celebrations involved all levels of American government and like those of a year earlier included representatives of Canada, France and Great Britain. Beginning on Monday, July 4th at Crown Point Forts, New York, the celebrations went on to Ticonderoga, New York the following day and then to Plattsburgh, New York, Burlington, Vermont, Isle Le Motte, Vermont, finishing on Friday, July 9th at Rouse's Point, New York. On Saturday there was a water carnival at Rouses' Point and a tablet was unveiled on the main building of the University of Vermont in Burlington. In addition to the usual speeches and dinners, there was an "Indian Pageant" on each day, military and navel reviews and fireworks. These celebrations were officially concluded in July 1912 with the dedication of the Champlain memorial Lighthouse at Crown Point Forts and the unveiling of the Champlain memorial Statue at Plattsburgh.

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