"At five o'clock [on 21 July] commenced the first official representation of the famous pageants. The clouds in the sky appeared to be suspended as was the sword of Damocles. Yet the grand stand was filled with ten thousand people who came to see the hand of time rolled backward and to watch the incidents which loom conspicuously in Canadian history again revealed as faithfully as history can record."

"The stage on which the historical scenes were presented consisted of a portion of the Plains of Abraham. No boards covered the natural sward. ... The various deeds and sufferings of the founders of Canada were retold. ... Again was seen the splendour of old France, the mother country; the arrival of the Ursulines in Quebec ... the struggle of the brave Dollard des Ormeaux and his companions, whose fatal contest with the Iroquois was but a heroic incident in the lengthy wars with the Iroquois...; the arrival of Marquis de Tracy in whom we see a representative of the government of New France; Frontenac, the brave defender of Quebec, ...; and lastly the two armies standing side by side amicably on the ground where the men whom they represent once fought each other."

"The pageant deftly winds on. Scene after scene passes on the undulating plain. The spectators, ordinary men and women of today, become absorbed in the glory and tragedy of the past. ... The last scene comes on the stage. It is enacted. The actors depart. The witnesses of the pageant rise with a start. They rub their eyes and once more realize that it is but a picture, ... Yet, how real it all was! One would again live in the days of the past. But the scene changes. On the river below passes a modern freight steamer. Her whistle shrieks and her steam puffs. Slowly the spectators wind homeward with an impression not easily effaced. A feeling of solemnity steals over them, but is quickly dispersed by the sense of pleasure at having witnessed so great a spectacle."

The last performance of the pageant took place of Friday, 31 July.

The Quebec Tercentenary Commemorative History (Quebec: Daily Telegraph, 1908), 33-34.

Frank Carrel, The Quebec Tercentenary Commemorative History, compiled and edited by Frank Carrel and Louis Feiczewicz ; revised by E.T.D. Chambers, with introduction by A.G. Doughty. Quebec : Daily Telegraph Print. House, 1908.
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