Numerous biographical accounts of Champlain tell the personal tale of the life and exploits of the explorer, whose legend grew over time, culminating in his designation as the "Father of New France". From these accounts, one learns that Champlain was born in 1567 in Brouage (Saintonge), then a busy little seaport on the southwestern shores of France. His education was limited but he had some instruction in navigation and good knowledge of drawing, not to mention a great deal of enthusiasm for sea adventures. With regards to his commissioned voyages to New France, biographical accounts honour his fortitude in withstanding the long and hazardous voyages across the Atlantic and combating adverse conditions in the wilderness of Canada. Champlain also displays efficiency in running the small trading post, sound leadership and perseverance in attempting to establish a colony for France. Last but not least, Champlain was a devout man, propelled by a missionary zeal to bring the Christian faith to the natives' tribes.

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