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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 28(1989)

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Editorial Note / Préliminaire. Page 4, pp.4-5

Our Contributors / Nos collaborateurs. Page 7, pp.7-7

The Tremaine Medal / La Médaille Marie Tremaine. Page 9, pp.8-8

Opportunities and Pitfalls: Observations on the Application of Database Software to Bibliographical Activities. T.B. Vincent. Page 13, pp.13-24

A Checklist of the Works of May Agnes Fleming. Lorraine McMullen. Page 25, pp.25-37

A Bibliography of Macmillan of Canada Imprints, 1906-1980: First Supplement with Corrigenda. Carl Spadoni. Page 38, pp.38-69

Some Animadversions upon a Review of the CEECT Edition of De Mille's A Strange Manuscript. M.G. Parks. Page 70, pp.70-73

Books in Review / Comptes rendus. Carl Spadoni, Yvan Lamonde. Page 74, pp.74-135

Marjory Whitelaw, First Impressions: Early Printing in Nova Scotia. Sandra Alston. Page 76, pp.74-135

Lucie Robert, L'institution du littéraire au Québec. Manon Brunet. Page 77, pp.74-135

Gloria M. Strathern, Alberta Newspapers, 1880-1982: An Historical Directory. Nora D. S. Robins. Page 80, pp.74-135

Gaétan Gervais, Gwenda Hallsworth and Ashley Thomson, The Bibliography of Ontario History / La bibliographie d'histoire ontarienne: 1976-1986. William F.E. Morley. Page 83, pp.74-135

Elizabeth Bloomfield, Gilbert A. Stelter et al, A Bibliography of Settlement and Development Since 1800. Olga B. Bishop. Page 85, pp.74-135

Barbara B. Aitken, Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities, 1977-1987: A Bibliography. Elizabeth Bloomfield. Page 87, pp.74-135

Barbara Godard, comp., Bibliography of Feminist Criticism / Bibliographie de la critique féminist. Sheila Pepper. Page 90, pp.74-135

Yvan Lamonde, L'histoire des idées au Québec 1760-1960: bibliographie des études. Pierre Savard. Page 91, pp.74-135

Gregory Mahler, comp., Contemporary Canadian Politics: An Annotated Bibliography, 1970-1987. Iza Laponce. Page 93, pp.74-135

E. Gault Finley, Education in Canada: A Bibliography / L'éducation au Canada: une bibliographie. Lilian M. Rider. Page 95, pp.74-135

John Miska, comp., Canadian Studies on Hungarians, 1886-1986: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources. Victor G. Wiebe. Page 97, pp.74-135

Allan Weiss, A Comprehensive Bibliography of English-Canadian Short Stories, 1950-1983. Helen Hoy. Page 100, pp.74-135

Godron Ripley and Anne Mercer, Who's Who in Canadian Literature, 1987-88. 3rd ed.. R. G. Moyles. Page 102, pp.74-135

E. J. Pratt, Complete Poems: Parts 1 and 2. Michael Darling. Page 104, pp.74-135

Thomas Chandler Haliburton, The Letters of Thomas Chandler Haliburton. Ruth Panofsky. Page 106, pp.74-135

Susanna Moodie, Roughing It in the Bush; or, Life in Canada. Carole Gerson. Page 109, pp.74-135

Carole Gerson, A Purer Taste: The Writing and Reading of Fiction in English in Nineteenth-Century Canada. John A. Wiseman. Page 111, pp.74-135

Jacques Michon, L'édition littéraire au Québec. David M. Hayne. Page 113, pp.74-135

Marsh Jeanneret, God and Mammon: Universities as Publishers. John Lennox. Page 115, pp.74-135

Fontanus Vols. 1 and 2. Karen Smith. Page 117, pp.74-135

Daniel Gauvin, Canadian Guide to Rare Books / Guide canadien du livre rare. Joyce M. Banks. Page 120, pp.74-135

Andrea Retfalvi, comp., Canadian Illustrated News, Montreal, 1869-1883: An Index. Mary Lu MacDonald. Page 121, pp.74-135

Richard L. Golden and Charles G. Roland, eds., Sir William Osler: An Annotated Bibliography with Illustrations. Faith Wallis. Page 122, pp.74-135

Michael Collie, Henry Maudsley: Victorian Psychiatrist. A Bibliographical Study. Gillian Fenwick. Page 124, pp.74-135

Philip Kerrigan, Private Press Books, 1985-1986. Holly Melanson. Page 127, pp.74-135

Roy Stokes, A Bibliographical Companion. Charlotte A. Stewart-Murphy. Page 128, pp.74-135

Janet Ing, Johann Gutenberg and His Bible: A Historical Study. William B. Todd. Page 130, pp.74-135

William B. Todd and Ann Bowden, Tauchnitz International Editions in English, 1841-1955: A Bibliographical History. Alvan M. Bregman. Page 131, pp.74-135

Donald C. Gallup, Pigeons on the Granite: Memories of a Yale Librarian. Carl Spadoni. Page 134, pp.74-135