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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 26(1987)

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Editorial Note / Préliminaire. Page 4, pp.4-5

Our Contributors / Nos collaborateurs. Page 7, pp.7-7

The Tremaine Medal / La Médaille Marie Tremaine. Page 9, pp.8-8

CEECT: Progress, Procedures, and Problems. Mary Jane Edwards. Page 13, pp.13-26

Thomas Bird Mosher and the Literature of Rapture: A Chapter in the History of American Publishing. William E. Fredeman. Page 27, pp.27-66

Identical Cousins Richard Pennington and David Peterley: The Story of Peterley Harvest. Peter F. McNally. Page 67, pp.67-87

Leacock's Canada: The Book That Booze Bought. Carl Spadoni. Page 88, pp.88-105

Essays in Canadian Bibliography: Bibliographical Studies in Reprint. Douglas G. Lochhead. Page 106, pp.106-108

The Press of the Maritime Provinces in the 1830's. James Stuart Martell. Page 109, pp.109-134

Newspapers of Nova Scotia, 1840-1867. Daniel Cobb Harvey. Page 135, pp.135-156

Books in Review. Bruce Whiteman. Page 157, pp.157-211

Francess G. Halpenny, ed., Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. VI: 1821-1835. Ramsay Cook. Page 159, pp.157-211

Norman Colbeck, A Bookman's Catalogue: The Norman Colbeck Collection of Nineteenth-Century and Edwardian Poetry and Belles Lettres. vol. 1 and vol. 2. Mary O'Connor. Page 161, pp.157-211

J. Brian Gilchrist, Inventory of Ontario Newspapers, 1793-1986. Elizabeth Hulse. Page 163, pp.157-211

Anne H. Tayler, From Hand to Hand: A Gathering of Book Arts in British Columbia. Joyce Banks. Page 166, pp.157-211

James De Mille, A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder. R. G. Moyles. Page 167, pp.157-211

Paul Robert Magocsi and Nadia Odette Diakun, Ucrainica at the University of Toronto Library: A Catalogue of Holdings. Yar Slavutych. Page 169, pp.157-211

Susan Bellingham, Isabel Ecclestone Mackay Bibliography. Terrence Craig. Page 170, pp.157-211

Jana Kalish, Josef Skvorecký: A Checklist. Sheila Latham. Page 171, pp.157-211

Philip C. Enros, comp., Biobibliography of Publishing Scientists in Ontario between 1914 and 1939. Bertrum H. MacDonald. Page 173, pp.157-211

John Mappin and John Archer, Bernard Amtmann, 1907-1979: A Personal Memoir. David P. Ewens. Page 175, pp.157-211

Kathleen Mennie de Varennes, Annotated Bibliography of Genealogical Works in Canada. Volume 1. Edward Phelps. Page 177, pp.157-211

Jean-Pual de Lagrave, Fleury Mesplet (1734-1794): diffuseur des Lumières au Québec. Liana Van Der Bellen. Page 179, pp.157-211

Agnes C. O'Dea, Bibliography of Newfoundland. Douglas G. Lochhead. Page 181, pp.157-211

Charles G. Roland, Secondary Sources in the History of Canadian Medicine: A Bibliography. M. J. Giacomelli. Page 184, pp.157-211

Peter F. McNally, ed., Readings in Canadian Library History. Carl Spadoni. Page 185, pp.157-211

Stephen Cummings and Betrum MacDonald, eds., Newsletter of the School of Library and Information Science. University of Western. John A. Wiseman. Page 188, pp.157-211

Maureen McAuley and Susan Wagg, Percy Erskine Nobbs and His Associates: A Guide to the Archive / Percy Erskine Nobbs et ses associés: guide du fonds. Jean F. Tener. Page 189, pp.157-211

Ruth Kositsky et al, Edward & W.S. Maxwell: Guide to the Archives / Edward & W.S. Maxwell: guide du fonds. Jean F. Tener. Page 189, pp.157-211

Cindy Campbell et al, Ramsay Traquair and His Successors: A Guide to the Archive / Ramsay Traquair et ses successeurs: guide du fonds. Jean F. Tener. Page 189, pp.157-211

The Hugh MacLennan Papers. Shirley S. Spragg. Page 191, pp.157-211

The William Ormond Mitchell Papers. Shirley S. Spragg. Page 191, pp.157-211

The Robert Kroetsch Papers, First Accession. Shirley S. Spragg. Page 192, pp.157-211

The Rudy Wiebe Papers, First Accession. Shirley S. Spragg. Page 192, pp.157-211

The Alice Munro Papers, First Accession. Shirley S. Spragg. Page 192, pp.157-211

The Joanna M. Glass Papers. Shirley S. Spragg. Page 192, pp.157-211

Alvin Kernan, Printing Technology, Letters & Samuel Johnson. Paul J. Korshin. Page 194, pp.157-211

William M. McBride, comp., Mark Twain: A Bibliography of the Collections of the Mark Twain Memorial and the Stowe-Day Foundation. Thomas A. Tenney. Page 197, pp.157-211

Richard Cargill Cole, Irish Booksellers and English Writers 1740-1800. Diana Patterson. Page 199, pp.157-211

Nineteenth Century Short Title Catalogue. Series II, Phase I. Richard Landon. Page 200, pp.157-211

Laurie Lanzen Harris and Cherie D. Abbey, eds., Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism. Vol. 12. Walter E. Smith. Page 203, pp.157-211

Dennis Poupard, ed., Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism. Volume 22. Ellen Pilon. Page 205, pp.157-211

Walter Tracy, Letters of Credit: A View of Type Design. William Rueter. Page 206, pp.157-211

Hal Draper, The Marx-Engels Cyclopedia, 3 vols. Bernd Frohmann. Page 208, pp.157-211