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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 24(1985)

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Editorial Note / Préliminaire. Page 4, pp.4-5

Our Contributors / Nos collaborateurs. Page 6, pp.6-6

Catharine Parr Traill: Three Bibliographical Questions. Rupert Schieder. Page 8, pp.8-25

Early Printing Offices in Newmarket, Ontario. Carol Elder. Page 26, pp.26-37

The Publishers Press of Montreal. Carl Spadoni. Page 38, pp.38-50

Lorne Pierce, Ryerson Press, and The Makers of Canadian Literature Series. Margery Fee. Page 51, pp.51-71

Essays in Canadian Bibliography: Bibliographical Studies in Reprint. Douglas G. Lochhead. Page 72, pp.72-72

Seventy-Five Years of Canadian Bibliography. W. Kaye Lamb. Page 73, pp.73-85

The Development of a Subject Classification Scheme for the Bibliography of Canadian Science and Technology to 1914. Bertrum H. MacDonald and R. Alan Richardson. Page 86, pp.86-103

Books in Review. David B. Kotin. Page 104, pp.104-123

John Murdoch, A Bibliography of Algonquian Syllabic Texts in Canadian Repositories. Barry Edwards. Page 105, pp.104-123

Joyce M. Banks, comp., Books in Native Languages in the Rare Book Collections of the National Library of Canada / Livres en langues autochtones dans les collections de livres rares de la Bibliothèque nationale du Canada. Barry Edwards. Page 105, pp.104-123

Karen Evans, comp., Masinahikan: Native Language Imprints in the Archives and Libraries of the Anglican Church of Canada. Barry Edwards. Page 105, pp.104-123

Nora T. Corley, Resources for Native Peoples Studies / Ressources sur les études autochtones. Barry Edwards. Page 105, pp.104-123

Pierre Cantin, Jacques Ferron Polygraphe: essai de bibliographie suivi d'une chronologie. David M. Hayne. Page 108, pp.104-123

Yvan Lamonde, L'Imprimé au Québec: aspects historiques (18e-20e siècles.). David M. Hayne. Page 109, pp.104-123

Frances Brooke and Mary Jane Edward, ed., The History of Emily Montague. Charles R. Steele. Page 111, pp.104-123

Olga Bernice Bishop, Publications of the Province of Upper Canada and of Great Britain Relating to Upper Canada, 1791-1840. Eric L. Swanick, pp.104-123

Sandra Alston, Karen Evans, A Bibliography of Canadiana; Being Items in the Metropolitan Toronto Library Relating to the Early History and Development of Canada. Richard Landon. Page 113, pp.104-123

Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Volume VIII, 1851 to 1860. Richard Landon. Page 115, pp.104-123

George L. Parker, The Beginnings of the Book Trade in Canada. John A. Wiseman. Page 117, pp.104-123

Bruce Whiteman, Charlotte Stewart and Catherine Funnell, A Bibliography of Macmillan of Canada Imprints 1906-1980. Carl Spadoni. Page 118, pp.104-123

William Rueter and Glenn Goluska, eds., The Devil's Artisan, a Journal of the Printing Arts, Nos. 1-17, 1980-1985. David B. Kotin. Page 120, pp.104-123

Donald A. Laing, Clive Bell: An Annotated Bibliography of the Published Writings. Carl Spadoni. Page 121, pp.104-123