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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 23(1984)

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Editorial Note / Préliminaire. Page 4, pp.4-5

Our Contributors / Nos collaborateurs. Page 6, pp.6-6

Minutes of the 1984 Annual Meeting of the Society. Page 7, pp.7-11

Marie Tremaine, 1902-1984 - A Tribute. Page 12, pp.12-29

Essays in Canadian Bibliography: Bibliographical Studies in Reprint. Douglas G. Lochhead. Page 30, pp.30-31

Early Printing in Canada. Marie Tremaine. Page 32, pp.32-39

A Half-Century of Canadian Life and Print, 1751-1800'. Marie Tremaine. Page 40, pp.40-55

La Revue Culture et sa contribution à la bibliographie canadienne (1940-1970). Marcel Lajeunesse. Page 56, pp.56-67

The Early History of the Macmillan Company of Canada, 1905-1921. Bruce Whiteman. Page 68, pp.68-83

A Checklist of Books and Articles in the Field of the History of Books and Libraries, Part 1. Liana Van Der Bellen. Page 84, pp.84-99

Books in Review. David B. Kotin. Page 100, pp.100-119

Laura Arksey, Nancy Pries and Marica Reed, American Diaries: An Annotated Bibliography of Published American Diaries and Journals, Volume 1: Diaries Written from 1492 to 1844. John Stuart Batts. Page 100, pp.100-119

Philip M. Teigen, Books, Manuscripts, and the History of Medicine. M.I. Russell. Page 102, pp.100-119

O.A. Cooke, The Canadian Military Experience 1867-1983: A Bibliography / Bibliographie de la vie militaire au Canada 1867-1983. 2nd ed.. R.V. Cupido. Page 103, pp.100-119

Patricia McLaren-Turner, Canadian Studies: Papers Presented at a Colloquium at the British Library, 17-19 August 1983. Bruce Whiteman. Page 105, pp.100-119

Milada Vlach, Catalogue collectif des impressions québécoises 1764-1820. Sandra Alston. Page 106, pp.100-119

Bruce Whiteman, ed., Collected Poems of Raymond Souster: Bibliography. Michael Darling. Page 108, pp.100-119

John Alden and Dennis C. Landis, European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed in Europe Relating to the Americas, 1493-1776. Donald W. McLeod. Page 109, pp.100-119

Dorothy Cooke, An Index to 'Acadiensis,' 1901-1908. Donald W. McLeod. Page 112, pp.100-119

Robert Bringhurst, Ocean, Paper, Stone: The Catalogue of an Exhibition of Printed Objects Which Chronicle More Than a Century of Literary Publishing in British Columbia. Maureen Bradbury. Page 113, pp.100-119

Elizabeth Devine, ed., Thinkers of the Twentieth Century: A Biographical, Bibliographical and Critical Dictionary. Carl Spadoni. Page 114, pp.100-119

Paul Rutherford, A Victorian Authority: The Daily Press in Late Nineteenth-Century Canada. John A. Wiseman. Page 116, pp.100-119

John W. Reps, Views and Viewmakers of Urban America: Lithographs of Towns and Cities in the United States and Canada, Notes on the Artists and Publishers, and a Union Catalog of Their Work, 1825-1925. Elizabeth Hulse. Page 117, pp.100-119

Books Received for Review. Page 119, pp.119-120