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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 22(1983)

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Editorial Note / Préliminaire. Page 4, pp.4-5

Our Contributors / Nos collaborateurs. Page 6, pp.6-6

Minutes of the 1983 Annual Meeting of the Society. Page 7, pp.7-11

The Printing of the Cree Bible. Joyce M. Banks. Page 12, pp.12-24

Agriculture in Manitoba: Compiling a Bibliography. Judy Harper. Page 25, pp.25-29

Le Théâtre au Manitoba. Annette Saint-Pierre. Page 30, pp.30-35

The Red River Public Library, June 1822. Dorothy E. Ryder. Page 36, pp.36-55

Stephen Leacock and the Macmillan Company of Canada. Carl Spadoni. Page 56, pp.56-80

Newspapers Printed on the Co-operative Plan. Elizabeth Hulse. Page 81, pp.81-102

Books in Review. David B. Kotin. Page 103, pp.103-134

Robert Lecker and Jack David, The Annotated Bibliography of Canada's Major Authors. Peter Greig. Page 104, pp.103-134

Helen Hoy, Modern English-Canadian Prose: A Guide to Information Sources. Donald W. McLeod. Page 116, pp.103-134

John Miska, Canadian Prose Written in English 1833-1980: A Bibliography of Secondary Material. Terrence Craig. Page 118, pp.103-134

Thomas B. Vincent, Joseph Howe: An Annotated Chronology of the Poems 1816-1872. Ellen Pilon. Page 119, pp.103-134

Alan R. Young, Thomas Head Raddall: A Bibliography. Bruce Whiteman. Page 120, pp.103-134

William F. E. Morley, ed., Canadian Notes & Queries / Questions et Réponses Canadiennes, Nos. 1-29, 1968-1983. Terrence Craig. Page 121, pp.103-134

Gloria M. Strathern, Alberta, 1954-1979; A Provincial Bibliography. Donald W. McLeod. Page 122, pp.103-134

David H. Pentland, Bibliography of Algonquian Linguistics. Joyce M. Banks. Page 123, pp.103-134

Huynh Thi Huong, Bibliography of International Humanitarian Law Applicable in Armed Conflicts. John Gilinsky. Page 124, pp.103-134

International Authors and Writers Who's Who, Ninth Edition. Terrence Craig. Page 125, pp.103-134

Adele Sarkissian, ed., Children's Authors and Illustrators: An Index to Biographical Dictionaries. 3d.ed.. Ellen Pilon. Page 127, pp.103-134

W.R. Aitken, Scottish Literature in English and Scots: A Guide to Information Sources. Elizabeth Hulse, pp.103-134

Trevor Royle, Companion to Scottish Literature. Elizabeth Hulse, pp.103-134

H. J. Jackson, ed., Editing Polymaths: Erasmus to Russell. Carl Spadoni. Page 130, pp.103-134

Susan Bellingham, Twenty-five Fine Books at the University of Waterloo. David B. Kotin. Page 132, pp.103-134

Peter F. McNally, Proceedings of the First Symposium on Canadian Library History. Donald W. McLeod. Page 133, pp.103-134

Books Received for Review. Page 135, pp.135-136